Raise your hand if you can name the grape variety that won its high school award for “most likely to pair with food”? That’s right, Riesling! Why? Because the style is so clean and pure, the acid so fresh and appealing, the combination of fruit and sensual mouthfeel a gorgeous match for just about anything. Don’t believe us? We dare you, find something that clashes with this magnificent Washington Riesling. Steak? It’s like the fruity marinade. Burgers? It’s like the mango chutney. Salad? It’s like the burst of citrus dressing. You’ll have to excuse us now; we’re getting hungry just thinking about the possibilities!


Enjoy this Washington Riesling with:

  • Food:  Sushi, spring rolls

  • Candy:


Wonder why Washington Riesling is quickly gaining recognition internationally for its quality? After the first sip you’ll understand, as the flavor of these Pacific Northwest white wines are easy to love and impossible to forget. Washington Rieslings are consistently, perfectly ripe, lovely, fresh, fruity wines with moderate alcohol and great acidity.


The steep slopes of the Yakima River valley are now included in the conversation of where in the world Riesling reaches rarified heights. The unique demands of grape growing here on the frontier of what is possible has been attained by decades of accumulated knowledge and experience, cultivated by a tight-knit winemaking community. Great Washington Riesling at an affordable price – W.O.W. has your back!



APPELLATION: Yakima Valley, Washington
COMPOSITION: 100% Riesling
WINEMAKER NOTES: There is something hard to explain that characterizes Riesling grown in the Yakima Valley - an exhilarating green apple acidity and characteristic stony zip. I Cook With Wine. Sometimes I Even Add It to Food Riesling is a classic Washington expression, with hints of green apple, fleshy peach and ripe apricot.
ALCOHOL: 11.3%
pH: 2.91