Wine really is the ultimate stress reliever. Well, wine and vacation anyway. Sipping a glass of fresh, fruity white while lounging in the sand, eating fresh-picked tropical fruit, the smell of exotic flowers lingering in the air.  Being the enterprising wine wizards that we are, we at W.O.W devised a way to send you to this tropical paradise without leaving the comfort of your home!  Allow us to introduce you to this beautiful, spicy, crazy aromatic, exorbitantly fruity and succulently floral California Gewürztraminer, which, as soon as you take the first sip, will most definitely not stay bottled up for long.


Enjoy this California Gewürztraminer with:

  • Food:  Middle Eastern or Asian cuisine

  • Sweet: Nutella crêpes


We at Flying Blue Imports are obsessed with Gewürztraminer - shockingly under-discovered and incredibly underrated. Even some of the most seasoned wine drinkers remain in the dark about its role in producing some of the most legendary wines in its native home of Alsace.


It is indeed its relative obscurity that translates to incredible value to be had with Gewürztraminer wines, especially sourced from cool climate areas such as Monterey County, where the grapes ripen evenly and retain their explosive aromatics. What’s more, Gewürztraminer is legendary in its ability to pair incredibly well with a meal, especially spicy food.  We recommend our Monterey Gewürztraminer with Middle Eastern or Asian cuisine...or paired with a tropical daydream.


APPELLATION: Monterey County, California
COMPOSITION: 96% Gewurztraminer, 4% Riesling
WINEMAKER NOTES: The aroma is so heady, exotic and pungent that ultimately, we have a hard time describing it. There are…exotic tropical things...fresh picked roses…Belgian pastry…Our Monterey Gewurztraminer is a spicy, crisp white wine, floral and fruity. It features lychee, peach and ginger flavors on a lithe, elegant frame, with a bright finish and lingering essence.
ALCOHOL: 11.6%
pH: 3.47


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