Pinot Noir has a benevolent spirit. Always subtle, never too brash or flamboyant, forever ready to lend a hand to a thirsty wine drinker when bigger, bolder wines just won’t do. It certainly shows its compassion in terms of food pairing, where its pliability and ability to pair with a wide variety of cuisine makes it every sommelier’s best friend. Be Kind, Re-Wine Pinot Noir will always be there for you, no pressure, just know it’s always ready to lend a vinous hand when needed.


Enjoy Be Kind, Re-Wine Pinot Noir with:

  • Food:  Mushroom ravioli, BBQ potato chips

  • Candy:


California’s Central Coast is relatively small in terms of production, but big into wine quality. Grape growing in the region has been present since the first Spanish missionaries arrived and is blessed with soils ideal for the production of red wine. Be Kind, Re-Wine Pinot Noir is made under the watchful eye of a talented consulting enologist with whom we’ve been working for a number of years and on multiple different projects, which gives us the flexibility to tweak the blend every year, reacting and optimizing it based on the year’s specific vintage conditions.


You get the feeling talking to local winemakers that this area’s ability to consistently produce world-class wine is like a closely guarded secret – with plenty of sunshine, a warm-yet-dry growing season and cool nighttime temperatures that modulate sugar accumulation, it’s almost as if the wines make themselves. The local wine industry as a whole is a tight knit community, eager to share their tips and tricks and invested in each other’s ability to succeed in the demanding, competitive wine market to raise the profile of the region as a whole.



APPELLATION: Central Coast, California
COMPOSITION: 78% Pinot Noir, 10% Syrah, 8% Petite Sirah, 3% Chardonnay, 1% Other
WINEMAKER NOTES: Be Kind, Re-Wine Pinot Noir is an attention-grabbing wine, svelte and polished with a distinct sense of balance and finesse. The tannins are fine, the mid-palate layered, and all edges rounded - a fine testament to what the California’s Central Coast can do with Pinot Noir.
ALCOHOL: 13.8%
pH: 3.60