There are vinous treasures to be found in Lodi, but you have to know where to look. Home to some of the oldest Zinfandel vineyards in the entire state, but also the source of mass-produced anonymous blends, Lodi is a conundrum. Long story short – you have to know where to look. The winemaking team at W.O.W. has been working for years on establishing incredible vineyard sources, and finally our efforts have paid off.  Tonight’s Forecast Zinfandel is so distinctive, so refined, a level of class that signals a triumph for this under-rated grape variety and under appreciated wine region.


Enjoy Tonight's Forecast: 99% Chance of Wine Zinfandel with:

  • Food:  BBQ Ribs

  • Candy: Snickers Bars


The Zinfandel vines that comprise onight's Forecast: 99% Chance of Wine are well adapted to the intense sunlight and arid conditions, producing grapes with thick skins and an incredibly dark-colored wine. Vinification occurs in a state-of-the-art facility, where the W.O.W. winemaking team embraces modern production methodologies that serve to retain the wine’s savory aromatics, bring out Zinfandel’s effusive fruit character while softening the region’s rustic tannins. The finished wine is remarkably polished, a very elegant expression of a region where sophisticated wines are not easily encountered.


In the sweltering vineyards of Lodi, wine is a beverage necessary for the daily drudgery of life working in the fields, where the region’s robust reds help provide the sustenance and energy needed to continue with the day’s farming activities. Zinfandel is the signature variety, and, like the residents of Lodi themselves, is an honest, hardy example of a regional specialty perfectly adapted to a challenging environment without frills or fuss.



APPELLATION: Amador County, California
COMPOSITION: 100% Zinfandel
WINEMAKER NOTES: onight's Forecast: 99% Chance of Wine is equal parts fruity and savory on the palate. It features a complex interplay of blackberry and plum notes, as well as white pepper and currant leaf. Incredibly evocative and scintillatingly expressive, this hearty Lodi Zinfandel is very, very easy to like.
ALCOHOL: 13.9%
pH: 3.76