Rosé wine has been made for centuries in France, but since very recently, not much at all was encountered beyond the local regions of its production. The reasons are varied, with a lack of comprehension amongst the general wine drinking population probably the biggest culprit. Dry? Sweet? Fruity? Acidic? These days, however, rosé is perhaps the single hottest global trend in wine. With comprehension comes acceptance, and all around the world, Rosé wines are coveted for their ability to taste good in any weather, to pair well with virtually any food, and for their ability to appeal to both red and white wine drinkers alike. Trust us, you’ll love this stylish Monterey Rosé that is a perfect fit for any wine drinking occasion.


Enjoy Trust Me, You Can Dance Rosé with:

  • Food:  Seafood bisque

  • Sweet: Cotton candy – but only red or blue flavors


Our criteria for an exceptional Rosé is a vibrant, fresh fruit character that is balanced by the zippy zing of acidity, with enough flavor concentration to grab your attention while never seeming heavy or tiring.  That word there, “balance”, is the key. No one component should dominate any other – fruit and mineral, sweet and savory – everything must be in the right proportion.


We made this discovery, an innovative take on the classic "Provence" style, in California’s beautiful Monterey County - an exceptional place in its own right. Trust Me, You Can Dance is a vibrant Rosé, made in a direct to press style that results in amplified aromas and flavors. Our Monterey Rosé displays the soul of a berry fruit basket eaten on a bluff overlooking the sea.


APPELLATION: Monterey, California
COMPOSITION: 41% Pinot Noir, 32% Syrah, 12% Cinsault, 5% Grenache, 10% Other
WINEMAKER NOTES: With a distinct, peachy-pink hue, we offer this wine to the connoisseur and beach-goer alike, refined yet generous, and enjoyable year-round. Floral and citrus hints mark the finish of this luscious, evocative wine.
ALCOHOL: 13.1%
pH: 3.37