Like rain on your wedding day, this is our ironically named Syrah. Which is to say that there is perhaps no other grape variety that is as hardy, tenacious, even perseverant. The brawny wines produced from this legendary grape hail from some of the most extreme climates found in the winemaking world, from the sides of cliffs to the most arid deserts. In Monterey, our Syrah vines cling to the side of a rocky escarpment overlooking the Salinas Valley, and the wine produced from this exposed site is correspondingly intense, concentrated and rugged. Diva it is not, yet Wine Diva Syrah is where it’s at!


Enjoy Wine Diva Syrah with:

  • Food:  Charcuterie

  • Sweet: Classic cherry pie


This is a "wow" wine, deep and rich, yet still maintaining a sense of balance and finesse. It pours a deep ruby/purple color, followed by a smorgasbord of dark fruit, spice and floral notes. The tannins are fine, the mid-palate layered, and all edges rounded - a fine testament to what Monterey County can do with the legendary Syrah grape.


Not many grapes can achieve the feat that Syrah has done in California’s central coast - to taste as good as (if not better) than in its ancestral home in France. Syrah has adapted so well to Monterey County due to its affinity for rocky soils and a long, dry growing season. We were hooked at first sip, and ever since, Syrah is our weeknight wine, steak wine, cocktail wine, movie wine...



APPELLATION: Monterey County, California
COMPOSITION: 98% Syrah, 2% Mixed Red
WINEMAKER NOTES: Full bodied, ripe and juicy, this wine evolves with layers of complexity - spanning the gamut from plum, bacon and black pepper flavors to dusty red flower tones, with a long, expressive, vivid finish. A wine with an exuberant personality that will give any dinner a delicious accompaniment, along with an added pinch of spice.
ALCOHOL: 13.9%
pH: 3.61